About us

   The Real World Press imprint was established in 1999 with the publication of its first book, Untangling Bosnia and Hercegovina: A Search for Understanding. The imprint is presently owned by English Editorial Services, a specialty corporate communications company founded in the Czech Republic in 2003. Real World Press is also the name of the international publishing division of English Editorial Services.


Custom editorial and publishing services

   Offering a full range of editorial and publishing services, English Editorial Services and Real World Press can work with you in creating and publishing your academic journal, annual report, commemorative book, textbook, company or client magazines and newsletters, web site, or other marketing or promotional materials. We can handle any or all steps in the process – from writing or translation to editing, visual design, printing, even distribution. We work in traditional printed and electronic formats. We also can manage multilingual projects.


Literary publishing program

   Through its literature publishing program English Editorial Services aims to bring to the broader and English-speaking reading public beyond the Czech Republic deserving works by Czech authors who might otherwise not be published in English. We view this activity as our contribution to promoting Czech writers, writing and scholarship.

   Typically, English Editorial Services will translate, edit and prepare for publication a selected book, then publish the book under its Real World Press imprint. Publishing will generally include a limited press run in paperback plus electronic publishing in Kindle format for sale at Amazon e-stores throughout the world. Publishing of the selected books is in cooperation with the original Czech authors. Those authors begin to earn royalties after English Editorial Services has recovered its out-of-pocket costs.